Graffiti Nature


Graffiti Nature

Graffiti Nature is created by you. The more animals and flowers that you draw and color, the more this nature world expands around you. Your drawing is somewhere in Graffiti Nature. Can you find it? Animals are eaten by other animals, but if they do not eat they will die and disappear. When the animals that you draw eat other animals, their numbers increase. Butterflies increase in places where there are flowers. All are part of one ecosystem. If you step on Crocodiles too much they will die. If you stand still flowers will blossom around you. If you walk around, the flowers will scatter. Search for your animals, and whilst making the flowers bloom, explore the world that everyone has created.

[How to interact with the artwork]

1: Color and draw on the paper provided.

2: Scan your drawing.

3: Animals and flowers will come to life in the exhibition space!

4: Stand still and flowers will bloom around you. Walk around and the flower petals will scatter.

5: Move close to the animals and they will sense you and start moving.


[Skills Nurtured]

Awareness of the Ecosystem

Creativity,  Power of Expression

Respect for Diversity

Develops Self-efficacy

Interest in Technology