Sketch Aquarium


Sketch Aquarium

Children can observe the power of their creative imagination through Sketch Aquarium. Each participant is invited to color a drawing of a sea creature of his or her preference. Once completed, the paper is scanned and the image is projected onto a giant virtual aquarium. Children will be able to see their creation come to life and swim with all of the other sea creatures. Children may also touch the fish to see them swim away, or touch the virtual food bag to feed the fish.

[How to Interact with the Artwork]

1. Color the drawing of your favorite sea creature.

2. Scan the final drawing.

3. Observe the drawing come to life as the sea creature swims into the virtual aquarium.

4. Touch the virtual food bag and feed the fish. 

[Skills Nurtured]

Creativity,  power of expression

Respect for diversity

Interest in technology

Develops self-efficacy


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