teamLab Future Park

Jul 27 - Sep 03, 2019

Yonago City Museum of Art, Yonago, Tottori


★ Opening special plan (7/27-8/2) ★ "Can Badge Factory" 500 yen for making original can badges is free!

Collaborative Creation

teamLab Future Park is an educational project based on the concept of "collaborative creativity, co-creation". It is an amusement park where you can enjoy the world creativity and freely with others.




    Sketch Aquarium

    Children can observe the power of their creative imagination through Sketch Aquarium. Each participant is invited to color a drawing of a sea creature of his or her preference. Once completed, the...

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    Story of the Time when Gods were Everywhere

    As the symbols on the screen are touched by children, they evolve into the images that they represent. As more images are created by this tactile function, a story begins to emerge. The objects that...

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    A Table where Little People Live

    In this installation, little people run across the interactive screen of a tabletop around which children sit or stand. Children are encouraged to interact with the little people by placing objects on...

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    Light Ball Orchestra

    Rolling a light-ball changes its color and sound. Combined, the light-balls form an orchestra! The overhead light-balls communicate with those on the floor, as one is touched,  the...

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    Hopscotch for Geniuses

    Hopscotch for Geniuses projects circles, triangles, and squares onto the floor. When children expertly land on the shapes, they trigger sounds and colors. Landing on the same shapes or colors in...

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Venue Details

Jul 27 - Sep 03, 2019

Extended open will be 21:00
Aug 3rd, 10thm 23rd and 31st
Closed Aug 7th
Yonago City Museum of Art
12 Nakacho, Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture 683-0822
tel 0859-34-2424
Yonago Hikari ☆ Machi Art Project Executive Committee Secretariat
tel 0859-29-2854

Admission Fee

Advance Tickets
Adult: JPY1100
Student (Higj School and Junior High School): JPY800
Children (Elementary): JPY 500
Release is from April 25 (Thu) to July 26 (Fri)
Regular Tickets
Adult : JPY1300
Student (Higj School and Junior High School): JPY 1000
Children (Elementary): JPY 700
Group (more than 10 people), repeater, mutual discount rate
Adult : JPY1200
Student (Higj School and Junior High School): JPY 900
Children (Elementary): JPY 600
  • *Guests with disabilities may enter free No ticket purchase is necessary. Please present your disability card at the entrance. However, tickets are required for caretakers and chaperones.
    *Children must be accompanied by parents.

About the Facility

Infant Space

Group Entrance

Wheelchair Entrance

Stroller Entrance

Stroller Parking

Parking Lot

Please use the nearby parking lot




Nursing Room

Drink Vending Machine

Break Space


  • Notes on purchasing tickets
    ・Price includes tax.
    ・Please note that It is not possible to cancel or date change tickets after purchase.
    ・Children (Junior High School students and under) must be accompanied by an adult at least 20 years old.
    ・This facility cannot be held liable for any visitor's personal injury, loss, or other problems occurring here.
    ・At crowded times it may be necessary to wait over an hour before entry.
    ・ Reselling tickets is prohibited. A ticket that has been resold will not allow entry to the facility.
     This facility cannot be held responsible for any problems with resold tickets.
    ・Certain works may not be exhibited due to maintenance.

    Notice to Visitors
    ・Re-entry is not permitted.
    ・Prohibited Items
     Any items that are 50 cm or longer must be stored in a coin-operated locker or luggage room.
     Strollers must be stored in the luggage room.
     Hazardous items, smelly items, fresh flowers, etc.
     Any drinks with no caps or covers.
     Any other items deemed to be hazardous by the staff.

    ・Anyone who is ill or drunk will not be allowed entry.
    ・Taking photos and videos is allowed. However, do it without causing a problem for other people.
    ・Using a monopod, tripod, selfie stick, etc., is not allowed.
    ・Please note that video or photo coverage of the site may be performed without prior notice. If you do not agree to be featured in the coverage, regardless of its application, please inform our staff.
    ・Photo shooting for commercial purposes is not permitted without prior concent.

    ・You may be asked to present identification at the entrance
    Identity Card, Driver's Licence, Student Card, Passport, Mynumber Card, Identification that can provide proof of name and age.
    ・Please follow the staff's instructions. If you do not follow the instructions, we may escort you out of the premises.

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