teamLab Future Park


Nov 30, 2019 - Feb 16, 2020

Nagoya City Science Museum, Nagoya, Aichi


Collaborative Creation

teamLab Future Park is an experimental educational project based on the concept of collaborative creation (co-creation). It is an amusement park where people can enjoy creating the world freely with others.



    Graffiti Nature - Mountains and Valleys, Red List

    Graffiti Nature is created by you. The more animals and flowers that you draw and color, the more this nature world expands around you. Your drawing is somewhere in Graffiti Nature. Can you find...

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    Sliding through the Fruit Field

    This is a slide where fruit grows.Various kinds of fruit are growing on the slope. Balls are also bouncing around.You become the sunlight and slide down the slope. When your body collides with the...

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    A Table where Little People Live

    This is a table where little people live.The little people run around the table, oblivious to us. However, if you put something, such as your hand, on top of the table, the little people will notice...

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    Story of the Time when Gods were Everywhere

    When people touch the characters that represent mountains, trees, birds, etc., that are projected on the wall, the world of the characters appears and a story is born. The objects that emerge from the...

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    Sketch Aquarium

    Children can observe the power of their creative imagination through Sketch Aquarium. Each participant is invited to color a drawing of a sea creature of his or her preference. Once completed, the...

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    Animals of Flowers, Symbiotic Lives

    Seasonal flowers bloom while slowly changing. Animals are born from those flowers. The flowers continue to bloom and die in an eternal cycle, forming the shapes of animals.When people touch the...

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Venue Details

Nov 30, 2019 - Feb 16, 2020
09:30〜17:00(Last entry is at 16:40)

*Special night extension will be held from 21th December to 27th December. (Museum will be close on 23th December)
*Extension time will be from 17:00 to 19:30pm. (Last entry will be 18:30pm)
*Special night extension is only held for this event. (Not for permanent exhibition)
*In this period, ticket can be purchase untill 18:30 pm at temporary ticket office.
*Each day the visitors number for extension time will be limited to 1000.
*Every Monday (Except 13th January)
*Third Friday
*29th December - 3rd January and 14th January
Nagoya City Science Museum

Admission Fee
Regular Tickets:
Adult : JPY 1,500 (1,400)
Student (High School and University): JPY 800 (700)
Children (Elementary and Secondary): JPY 500 (400)

*Early bird ticket could be purchase in Museum shop of Nagoya City Science Museum, 7 ELEVEN, LAWSON, Ticket PIA, and eplus.
*Early bird ticket could be purchase until 29th November 2019.
*Student card is needed for Student Price.
*Guest who submit Physically Disabled Person's Handbook will be the price below.
Adult : JPY 700
High School and University Student (Student card is required): JPY 400
Elementary and Secondary Student: JPY 250
(This price is apply to 2 caretakers)
*You can get 100 yen discount if you use ”One-day ticket" ,"Week-end Eco ticket", or "24h free ticket for subway" issued by Transportation Bureau City of Nagoya on the day.
*Group discount will be apply if there are more than 30 people. (100yen per person)
*Discount ticket can't be combined.
*Enter free for planetarium and other exhibition in Nagoya City Science Museum with the entrance ticket.
"teamLab Future Park and Animals of Flowers, Symbiotic Lives" Nagoya Executive Committee
Nagoya City Science Museum



5min walks to the south from number 4 / 5 exit of Fushimi Station.

City Bus

Get off at "Hirokoji Fushimi" Stop.

Meitetsu Bus

Get off at "Shirakawa park" Stop.

About the Facility

Infant Space

Group Entrance

Wheelchair Entrance

Stroller Entrance

Stroller Parking

We are sorry, but we neither lend nor keep baby strollers

Parking Lot

Please use public transportation when you visit us.



1st floor of the Science and Technology Building: 130 (small) / 1st floor of the Life Science Building: 18 (medium) 8 (large) *Coins are returned when items are retrieved.


Restrooms are available on each floor. Include multi-functional toilets, toilets for ostomates, toilets for children, and baby chairs

Nursing Room

Nursing rooms are available on the 3rd floor of the Science and Technology Building. Please feel free to use for breast-feeding or changing diapers.

Drink Vending Machine

Break Space

1st floor of the Life Sciences Building: 170 / 3rd floor of the Science and Technology Building: 84 / 7th floor of the Science and Technology Building: 96 *Food and drink are prohibited in the museum except in rest areas. Museum visitors are always welcome to use these areas. Please do not take up seats with personal belongings such as bags.