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Collaborative Creation: “Co-Creation”

Rapid technological development in society will continue to increase and accelerate into the future and many jobs will be taken over by machines. Because of this, it can be difficult to imagine what work that the children of today will do in the future. In a future society, traits that only humans can possess —such as the ability to think and act creatively— will become increasingly more important.
Humans are essentially creative. However, in current education we are taught that there is only one correct answer, all other answers are incorrect. Free thinking and behaving differently to other people is discouraged, we are told it is wrong and are corrected. As a result, we become afraid of making mistakes, and we lose our natural creativity. Humans learn about the world through interaction with others and by sharing experiences. People think with their bodies as they move through the world, and much of human society has developed through creative achievements born from collaboration and team play. This is why collaborative creativity, or the experience of “co-creation,” is now very important.

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Jul 01, 2017 - 상설
10:00〜20:00(마지막 입장 19:30)
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● 시간 요금제 : 처음 30분 / 일인 500엔 (연장 30분마다 500엔)

● 프리 패스 : 1,200 엔

※ 두 요금제 모두 어른,어린이 (3세 이상) 공통 금액입니다.

※ 2세 이하 무료

※ 초등학생이하 어린이의 입장은 보호자 (※ 부양 가족 또는 20 세 이상 그에 준하는 분)의 동반이 필요합니다.

※ 장애인 수첩 제시시 본인 1명 무료 (보호자는 유료)

※ 혼잡시 입장이 제한 될 수 있습니다.

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