teamLab Future Park

March 2, 2022 (Wednesday) - March 31, 2022 (Tuesday)

Bibai City Local History Museum, Bibai, Hokkaido


공창 / Co-Creation
공동적인 창조

teamLab Future Park is an educational project based on the concept of "collaborative creativity, co-creation". It is an amusement park where you can enjoy the world creativity and freely with others.

설치 재생


    스케치 아쿠아리움 / Sketch Aquarium

    이 수족관은, 여러분이 그린 물고기들이 헤엄치는 수족관입니다.종이에 자유롭게 물고기를 그려주세요. 그림을 그리면 눈앞에 펼쳐진 거대한 수족관에, 여러분이 그린 물고기들이 나타나 함...

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전시회장 정보

March 2, 2022 (Wednesday) - March 31, 2022 (Tuesday)
9:00 - 17:00 (last admission at 16:30)
Monday and Tuesday
Bibai City Local History Museum
Admission fee for the "Sketch Aquarium": 500 yen (Admission fee to the Bibai City Local History Museum: free)
Free of charge for junior high school students and younger, and for residents of the city.
If you live in Bibai, please bring something that shows your address.
If you are eligible for the usage fee, you will receive a gift certificate worth 500 yen that can be used in Bibai City.
Bibai City
Nippon Rika Kogyo Co.
For inquiries, please contact
Bibai City Economy and Tourism Division (Secretariat of the Stay Bibai Promotion Council)
TEL: 0126-63-0112

오시는 길

By Train

5 minutes walk from Bibai Station

By Car

Please use the Bibai City Hall parking lot.
For those with disabilities, please use the parking lot of the Local History Museum. (Two cars can park there.) *Public transportation is recommended due to expected congestion.
Please use the parking lot of Bibai City Hall.

공장 소개

아기 공간

단체 입장

휠체어 입장

유모차의 입장



Please use the Bibai City Hall parking lot.

재 입장

Re-entry is not allowed after admission.



간호 실, 테이블 교환

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휴식 공간

예방 조치

  • Notes on purchasing tickets

    ・Price includes tax.

    ・Please note that It is not possible to cancel or date change tickets after purchase.

    ・Children (Junior High School students and under) must be accompanied by an adult at least 20 years old.

    ・This facility cannot be held liable for any visitor's personal injury, loss, or other problems occurring here.

    ・At crowded times it may be necessary to wait over an hour before entry.

    ・ Reselling tickets is prohibited. A ticket that has been resold will not allow entry to the facility.

    This facility cannot be held responsible for any problems with resold tickets.

    Notice to Visitors

    ・Re-entry is not permitted.

    ・Prohibited Items

    Any items that are 50 cm or longer must be stored in a coin-operated locker or luggage room.

    Strollers must be stored in the luggage room.

    Hazardous items, smelly items, fresh flowers, etc.

    Any drinks with no caps or covers.

    Any other items deemed to be hazardous by the staff.

    ・Anyone who is ill or drunk will not be allowed entry.

    ・Taking photos and videos is allowed. However, do it without causing a problem for other people.

    ・Using a monopod, tripod, selfie stick, etc., is not allowed.

    ・Please note that video or photo coverage of the site may be performed without prior notice. If you do not agree to be featured in the coverage, regardless of its application, please inform our staff.

    ・Photo shooting for commercial purposes is not permitted without prior concent.

    ・You may be asked to present identification at the entrance

    Identity Card, Driver's Licence, Student Card, Passport, Mynumber Card, Identification that can provide proof of name and age.

    ・Please follow the staff's instructions. If you do not follow the instructions, we may escort you out of the premises.

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